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Revictorian’s been nominated for a Homie!

Updated 2/27/12, 1:30pm: Hey Apartment Therapy Readers! Thanks for coming by. Look around and leave a comment if you feel like saying hi! Each year Apartment Therapy has an event to find the best new home blogs and Revictorian’s been nominated in the … Continue reading

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Ye olde kitchen makeover

Before I started this blog, we re-did the kitchen. It was the first major project we did after moving in two years ago. The budget-conscious goal was to spend $2000 or less on the whole thing. We didn’t quite achieve … Continue reading

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Kitchen peek

  As I’ve mentioned before, we re-did our kitchen on a tight budget before I started this blog. I’m in the middle of writing a semi-epic post on it because we learned a lot that I’d like to share. Stay … Continue reading

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How’s trix?

Hey Internet friends. Been a lot going on lately, but most of it’s too boring to write about. Like budgeting! After doing our taxes (Okay, Randall did them without my help) we have determined that we should be able to … Continue reading

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House made of spite? You don’t say!

Photo by Elf Have you ever seen an unusually narrow house wedged between two others? It’s possible it was a spite house, or at least the oddity that’s become known as a spite house. Wikipedia defines a spite house as … Continue reading

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Our next project

I’ve been thinking a lot about what our next big project should be. Would you like to weigh in? The candidates are: Remove the drop-ceiling in the kitchen or Total bathroom/laundry renovation. Let’s look at the kitchen ceiling first. The late 1950s … Continue reading

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