You think you’ve got problems?

This is beautiful Chez Neumansky 3.0 (read their blog for tales of Chez 1 and 2). Lovely, right? Well, they had a little bee problem.

The weather was cold when they bought the house, so only a few bees had ventured out of the hive that day… the hive in the wall of their house! But it gets worse, much worse, and sticky when they decide to do the hive removal themselves.

Check out parts one and two of the saga. It’s a compelling read.

Chez Neumansky.

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  • Randall Rego

    What a nightmare.

  • Mora35

    I think bees are fascinating. The queen and the drones, and all that. But to remove 2 enormous hives inside walls? Yuck. Good read though.

  • Kim Whitley-Gaynor

    Crapezoid! that’s the biggest, scariest bee invasion I’ve ever seen. A nightmare indeed.