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Still working on the walls

Well, skim coating the walls only made the bubbles beneath the wallpapers more obvious. So I sanded and applied more mud. Rinse, repeat. Also patched a few holes we put in when we were crowbarring the ceiling and spackled ONE … Continue reading

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But what about the walls?

Before we even start on the ceiling, there’s a lot to be done. Like the walls. I didn’t really think about the walls. On one side there’s painted chipboard paneling, 1960s style. Not entirely sure what’s underneath it, but I … Continue reading

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Into the not-so-great unknown. Our attic.

With the drop-ceiling gone, we can finally get into the attic. Our handyfriend Aaron came over to install a drop-down attic ladder in the kitchen ceiling. Since the ladder is made to be mounted to the joists in the attic, … Continue reading

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G’bye kitchen ceiling!

This is what the kitchen ceiling used to look like. This was the day we decided to buy the house. Since we don’t yet have the $ to replace our pipes, we opted to delay the bathroom remodel and instead … Continue reading

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That Dang Light

Hi Y’all! Long time. Guess what? I finally finished the bedroom light! I had some setbacks, but it’s done, and I’m really happy with it. Remember back in March when I started all this? I spotted a type of light … Continue reading

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Rehab: the chair

The neighbor across the street was moving and discarded this chair on the sidewalk. Solid wood utilitarian fabulousity from the earlier half of the 20th century. I thought it was vinyl at first, but it turned out to be leather … Continue reading

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House genealogy (part 1)

I warn you this post is long, but to me it is fascinating. It started with the humble snippet above that came with our escrow paperwork. It was exciting to know that the house was THAT OLD, and that we … Continue reading

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Occupants of times past

I’m so excited! I’ve been researching the original owners of our house and I’ve just had a breakthrough. I think I know how the property first changed hands and who the proud owner of the 1930’s stove in the basement … Continue reading

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A plan has been hatched

It’s not much yet, but I think we’ve settled on a general layout for the bathroom renovation. Is it a renovation when you totally change the layout? I don’t know. You know how it’s laid out now? Let me refresh … Continue reading

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Lead paint: Delicious but deadly!

That’s my face after I realized what I got myself into. You know how we had our house painted six months ago? Well we got the absolute cheapest painters ever, not realizing til afterwards that they didn’t prime the house … Continue reading

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The house numbers are here!

And we got them finished and installed!

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Screen Doors

Among the many other bees in my bonnet, I’ve gotten it in my head that we need a new screen door. I mean, we do. The current one is kind of awful and pulls the entryway right back to 1958. … Continue reading

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Sink 911

It’s been pretty stressful around here for the last couple of months so Randall and I booked a vacation, the kind where you lay around by a pool and a nice man brings you drinks and you can read your … Continue reading

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See you on the flip side, Saturn

My kitty passed away last week. We had 15 great years together and I’m grateful. It’s hit me harder than expected, but I hope to be back in the swing soon.

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Custom house numbers

Since before we painted the outside of the house I’ve been looking for some nice house numbers. There’s lots of great options if you’re looking for mid-century modern or arts and crafts, but Victorian? Not so much. I realize that … Continue reading

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