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First new house project!

It’s only been a year and a half since we last reported! Well, when you’re not gainfully employed you don’t have the funds for house projects, even DIY. But yer girl has a job now, so let the games begin. Like the … Continue reading

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The Petch House is for sale

The Petch House is a 3000 sq ft, 1895 Queen Anne in Eureka, CA. It’s named for the original owners, Thomas and Phyllis Petch. I know of this house because Greg DeBacker bought it in 2002 and blogged about his renovation from 2005 until 2012, at which … Continue reading

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More changes

Life has been more complicated than I really indicated in my last post. I got laid off from my job shortly after we got the house, so since then I’ve been picking up freelance design work and thinking a lot about … Continue reading

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Hello Portland!

Hi guys. As I mentioned, we moved to Portland from Alameda last July. It’s had its ups and downs, but it was definitely the right decision. In December we moved from our temporary apartment to the house we bought in … Continue reading

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I’ll miss you, sweet house.

So hey guys, sorry it’s been so quiet. We sold our house and moved to Portland, Oregon. (!) We’d talked about leaving the Bay Area for a long time. The reasons were many. The decision was hard. But I miss my … Continue reading

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The long-awaited bathroom show and tell

I need to tell you that we’ve moved. That’s why I’ve been offline so long. I’m sure the explanation of that (and introducing our new house) will make for a long post, but before I get to that I want to … Continue reading

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Kitchen and bath and stuff

I’m way overdue for a kitchen reveal but things just keep getting in the way. Today that thing is that some dudes are tearing apart our bathroom! We decided to finally do it and our construction guys were available (nope, … Continue reading

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The spot above the door

Remember this spot? I finally got around to laser cutting the panels for above the front doorway. There’s something about the front of this house that just never looked like the front and I wanted to fix that. Click here … Continue reading

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New wood

Wood counters. They’re cheap, they’re solid, and good looking, but man they get gross. They started out looking shiny and new (a relief after this). We’ve since used, oiled and waxed them for the last three years, cleaning as we go. … Continue reading

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Down the block

About 6 months ago I went to an estate sale at this little house on the next block, looked around some and left. The house looked like someone elderly had lived there for many years and it suffered from what … Continue reading

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A quick note about Pinterest

I have two Pinterest accounts: One for myself and one for Revictorian. But the truth is I hate logging out of one to maintain the other, so I’m consolidating both into my personal one. I’m still maintaining boards on Victorian … Continue reading

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You can dress her up…

With the kitchen creeping towards completion (but not finished yet), my mind has moved to the exterior of the house. We did a bunch of work on the outside to take it from horrid to okay, but it’s still plain. … Continue reading

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More adventures in lighting

I had many different ideas about a light fixture for the kitchen as you might gather from this pinterest board. If money were no object we probably would have gotten something fancy from Rejuvenation or somewhere, or even have gone … Continue reading

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The kitchen ceiling is DONE

Working on the kitchen has been an exercise in fits and starts. One task would begin, then be delayed, then another part of the project would rear its ugly head. Rinse, repeat. So it’s been hard to figure out a … Continue reading

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Ceiling: The Journey Begins

Aaron made it over and plyboarded the whole ceiling. I’m glad he did because I’m quite certain we couldn’t have done it ourselves in three times the amount of time. Oh look, he’s already done! And there you can see … Continue reading

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