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The bedroom

There’s been a little delay in getting supplies for the lamp project so instead of updating you on that I thought I’d take some pictures of the bedroom to show the environment I’m preparing the light for. It’s so small and … Continue reading

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Restoring and revamping old lights

We need a new light in the bedroom. I hate the light in there. The table lamps are fine but I try to never use the overhead light, I dislike it that much. It’s nothing special, just the same style … Continue reading

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Naughty in the Nineties

I love seeing what an exotic dancer looked like around the time our house was built. Retronaut has a whole bunch. (Thanks Nadja!)

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Secret rooms

Walled off rooms, forgotten cellars. Not an intentionally hidden safe-room that’s opened by choosing the correct book on a bookcase (although that may be a topic for another post), I’m talking about spaces that were forgotten to time or walled-off … Continue reading

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A quick update

Thank you, you tenacious voters for participating in my run in the Apartment Therapy Homies. I wanted to let y’all know that Revictorian came in 35th out of 270-something entries, which is actually pretty good for a 3-month old blog. … Continue reading

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Wallpaper? In 2012?

Well, yes. As someone who has painted over other people’s ugly wallpaper rather than trying to removing it, you might not think I’d be into it. But there are some beautiful and interesting designs out there and I’d snap some … Continue reading

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