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San Francisco, I love you

Yes, that is postcard row rendered in Jello by the amazing Liz Hickok. This week Randall and I had some Alameda cabin fever so we tooled around San Francisco looking for food and adventure. SF is about 15 minutes away … Continue reading

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…Of the website variety. Just some odds and ends I wanted to post before I forgot. I started a Revictorian account on Pinterest. Edit 8/20/13: I’ve consolidated Pinterest accounts. This is also my personal account and has both Victorian/architecture and … Continue reading

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You may not think that a post of this kind is appropriate on a blog like this, but it is. If SOPA/PIPA passes, we won’t have the same WordPress, Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia or any number of other sites that blogs … Continue reading

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Before and after: A little coat of paint

Over the past few months we’ve made some changes to the exterior of our house. It’s not finished, and I’m not sure it ever will be, but it’s substantial enough that I wanted to show ¬†you what we’ve done.

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Classic tub roundup

When we finally get the budget settled we’re planning on redoing our pink-tiled bathroom. It’s adorable in a Mamie Eisenhower kind of way, but it’s deteriorating and it doesn’t quite fit the house. So let’s look at some tubs! 66″ … Continue reading

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The architecture of Disneyland

Welcome back! Over the break my family and I went to Disneyland. Though it’s not the first time I’ve been there, I can’t help but to be impressed again and again by the design of the park and the architecture … Continue reading

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